Edited by : Soon-Phaik CHEE, Aliza JAP, Jayant Venkatramani IYER

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Book Review

Ophthalmic problems and conditions are routinely encountered by doctors in the primary care setting, be it as a general practitioner or as an emergency physician. Given that ophthalmology training during medical school is usually relatively limited in terms of duration and exposure, many doctors may find it daunting to assess or manage patients with ocular complaints which may carry the risk of significant ocular morbidity. And yet these doctors are the patients’ first point of contact and their immediate source of answers and in some cases, relief. Which patients should they manage on their own and who should be referred for specialist ophthalmic care?

Essential Ophthalmology: A Guide for General Practitioners and Family Physicians aims to equip the doctors involved in primary medical care with relevant basic ophthalmic knowledge, to enhance their ability to perform primary eye care. For easy and fast access to relevant information, the authors of this book have presented the information in a manner conducive to quick learning. Each chapter comes with a section highlighting Bare Essentials that the reader needs to know, about the conditions discussed therein. In addition, the bulleted format used in presenting the facts makes for an easy read while the use of algorithms and tables for common ophthalmic symptoms and signs will prove especially useful to the primary care physician in the clinic setting. The large number of photographs will further aid the reader in appreciating and recognizing ophthalmic diseases so that he or she may be able to better diagnose and manage such patients.

This book will prove useful not only to primary care physicians but also to medical students and others who might be interested in maintaining a good basic foundation in the field of ophthalmology.